Software Like OBS

software like obs

OBS Studio is free screencasting software available for macOS, Windows, BSD, and Linux. It also has an open-source code base. If you want to support this project, you can donate to them on Patreon, Open Collective, or their website.

EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts software is an easy-to-use screen recording tool. It supports a wide range of video and audio formats and editing features. You can record everything on your screen, including webcam videos and system sound. In addition, it can save your recordings in HD quality.

EaseUS RecExperts offers a simple user interface, allowing you to capture, edit, and share your videos easily. Whether you want to make an instructional video, a tutorial, or just a fun GIF, EaseUS experts will help you.

With EaseUS RecExperts, you can record your gameplay, webinars, or meetings and share them on social media. You can also add animated effects to your videos depending on your needs. The software comes with a free video editor, which allows you to crop, rotate, and compress videos. Moreover, you can adjust the screen size to fit your needs.

If you want to record your gameplay, you can use Game Mode to start your recording. Once you do, EaseUS RecExperts automatically stops and splits your recording. You can choose to keep or discard the recording when it’s finished.


StreamLabs software, like OBS, is a free alternative to the popular Open Broadcaster Software. You can use it to stream videos to a variety of platforms, from Facebook to YouTube to Twitch. It includes a video editor, an intro maker, a chat widget, and more.

While it’s a popular choice, Streamlabs isn’t the most accessible platform. For those who don’t have tech support or an expert, it may be best to find a paid option.

Another option is Lightstream Studio. This broadcasting software lets you host multiple channels, record and edit videos, and add animated 3D tools to your streams. The program also includes built-in conferencing, which is handy if you plan to host a live event.

Bandicam is another excellent option. This software allows you to record from your PC or your mobile phone. It supports 480 FPS and 4K UHD recordings. In addition to the standard camera and sound capabilities, you can record games using DirectX graphics.


StreamYard is a web-based live streaming studio that allows users to stream to several platforms at once. The software has many features that allow for customization before and during a live stream.

It is compatible with several popular destinations, including YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, it supports multiple camera angles, a green screen, and a chroma key. There are also professional-looking themes to choose from.

The platform is easy to set up and use. It requires no downloads or installations, so that you can get started quickly. You can install the software on your computer or your smartphone. If you have trouble with the installation process, you can contact support.

In addition to being customizable, StreamYard allows you to add a variety of visuals, such as videos, images, and text, to your streams. It also provides you with a way to spotlight and interview guests. During the live stream, you can customize the background and display of your stream.


Wirecast is an application that helps you broadcast live events. It is easy to use and provides a variety of features. You can add titles, videos, and animations to your streams. And there’s an option to add chromakey.

If you want to make live videos for your business or a social network, Wirecast has the features you need to reach your audience. Moreover, it’s also an excellent solution for professional video production. With a license, you get top-tier features like professional audio support, multi-bitrate streaming, and more.

Wirecast is available in two licensed versions. The Basic version costs $495, while the Pro version is $799. This version offers advanced features such as 3D virtual sets, PTZ camera control, and more.

Using Wirecast requires a powerful CPU, GPU, and capture card. However, it’s easy to learn and includes a tutorial. Additionally, there’s a free, fully-functional trial. A feature request form is also available.

Compared to OBS, Wirecast is more robust. It supports unlimited video sources and up to 8 independent audio tracks. In addition, it’s compatible with several capture cards.


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