Types of Software to Create Graphics

software like canva

Many types of software can be used to create images. You can use programs like Adobe Photoshop, VistaCreate, DooGraphics, or Blender. However, a few things should be kept in mind before choosing a particular program.


Canva is one of the best graphics creation tools. It is easy to use and is designed for amateurs and business owners. The app provides a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create designs.

It is available for iOS, Android, and the web. You can download a free trial. There is a limit of five downloads per month on the free plan. You must sign up for a paid plan to use all the premium features.

One of the best things about Canva is its ability to edit images. Users can resize and send elements forward and back. They can also add text and move them behind other components.

Canva has a library of design templates. Hundreds of integrations allow you to add your media. This includes social media platforms, photos, fonts, and design fonts.

It also has a cloud storage feature that allows you to store your files directly in the app. You can also edit and share your designs with colleagues.


DooGraphics software like Canva is a powerful tool that helps create visuals perfect for your business. It is easy to use, affordable and offers a wide range of features.

DooGraphics lets you create custom designs and add text, logos, and watermarks to your pictures. This is perfect for launching ad campaigns or making your brand’s visuals.

The best part is, DooGraphics has a vast library of free templates. There are over 2,000 templates available, including letterheads, postcards, posters, invitations, and more. Moreover, it accepts JPG, PNG, and PDF files.

DooGraphics also has an impressive library of royalty-free stock photos. Users can search the library by color or design type and choose from more than 610,000 images, icons, and fonts.

DooGraphics offers several different subscription plans. Their Starter plan suits freelancers, designers, and photographers who produce 10 to 15 designs per month. However, the Enterprise plan is ideal if you are a large corporation or agency with many marketing needs.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is an app with a wide range of professional design tools. It includes Adobe Fonts, a social media graphics creator, a visual story editor, and more. The visual story editor allows users to create compelling videos easily.

Adobe is a well-established software company with headquarters in Silicon Valley. They offer several different products, but they are best known for their industry-standard Photoshop and Illustrator products. In addition to these programs, Adobe has a series of other apps and services that comprise the Creative Cloud ecosystem. For example, you can use their ‘PlaceIt’ app to create a mobile website.

Canva, on the other hand, is a web-based design tool with a free desktop version and a suite of mobile apps. It’s not as feature-rich as Creative Cloud, but it’s much easier to use on a desktop or laptop.

Canva is also suitable for collaboration. Not only can you upload designs to share with teammates, but you can set up sub-groups to work on designs together. With the right plan, you can assign members specific access rights.


If you want to create 3D designs, then Blender is the best software you can use. It is open source and has a strong community of users.

Its interface is easy to learn, and it is fast. You can add text, effects, and filters to your images. In addition, it allows you to create custom logos and business cards.

You can access advanced features, like magic resizer, with the pro version. It also has a video editor that lets you edit and trim footage in the same scene.

In addition to a drag-and-drop user interface, Canva offers an extensive library of templates for virtually any graphic design situation. This means you can create a business card, a logo, or an infographic with no problem.

It also has millions of accessible assets. Its library includes thousands of high-quality photos and illustrations. The app’s mobile apps allow you to download and review content quickly.

You can also choose from several professionally designed templates. These include logos, business cards, posters, and more.


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